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Exit Checks

The purpose of TVA-Vagt’s Exit Checks is to detect/prevent internal loss.

An Exit Check is an unannounced check that inspects employees at random times when they leave the store.


The inspector wears a TVA-Vagt uniform so the employees can recognize the inspector. During the inspection, the inspector politely asks the employees to open their jackets, purses, or bags to enable the inspector to visually inspect whether the employees are bringing goods out of the store. In cases where an employee is bringing out a product, the inspector will verify whether the employee has a matching receipt. If an employee refuses to submit to the check, the inspector will include this in his or her report.

The number of Exit Checks is customized. This service can be purchased to take place on a regular or periodic basis.



Let TVA-Vagt handle your Exit Checks. Contact us today to learn more.