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Retail Security

At TVA-Vagt, we know how important it is for a Retail Security Officer to have a well-developed sense of service.

We recognize that positive service experiences motivate people to buy and get the shopping center’s customers to return. Thus, with a Retail Security Officer from TVA-Vagt, you can expect more than the basic guard and security tasks that are a natural extension of this service.

You can expect the Retail Security Officer to act as an active team member in all conceivable situations and to contribute to always maintaining a top-quality experience at the shopping center.

At the same time, your employees and customers can rest assured that the Retail Security Officer will step in if an urgent need for first aid should arise.

The Retail Security Officer’s tasks can be arranged in a variety of ways, all depending on your needs. They can potentially be combined with the use of a loss prevention officer or staffing of the shopping center’s information booths.



TVA-Vagt has more than 15 years of experience providing Retail Security Officers. Contact us today to learn more.